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If your car is locked and your car keys are locked inside then do not panic. Pulling at the lock or forcing another key is not going to solve your problem. In fact it will only aggravate the problem. The key might get broken inside or the lock may get damaged, thereby increasing the cost of repairing. Don’t waste time by asking for help from laymen. No matter how well-intended they may be they just do not have the expertise to open the lock. Car locks are specially made in such a way that they can be opened only by their key. Do not be misled by tales of unlocking cars with just about anything. In fact people in desperation try to break the window pane to get to the keys inside. All these things are absolutely unnecessary and just make a bad situation worse.


The best option in such a situation is to call in trained professional locksmiths to unlock your car. We at Car Unlockers are always there to help you in your crisis with our 24*7 emergency services. Our licensed, bonded and insured locksmiths undergo rigorous training and are experts in unlocking car doors of all makes and models. At only $15 visit charges our services are quite economical in terms of both money and time.